Linky Notes

Create, organize & filter your private notes by one or more tags, add references & format your notes using Markdown editor.

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Welcome to linky_notes!

Build your own easy to filter knowledge base and store, organize & filter your notes by tags!

With linky_notes app you can:

  • create, update & delete notes containing:
    • tags,
    • sources (containing title, author, link, page/s number/s & more)
    • textual content,
    • links,
    • ordered, unordered and nested lists,
    • tables,
    • bold, italicized & strikethrough text and more
  • format your notes using built-in markdown editor
  • organize and filter your notes by tags
  • install this app through the browser on your device/s (laptop, mobile, desktop or tablet) & have all of your notes synced!

Sign up for free here: & build your own knowledge base!

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Why use linky_notes?

  • you can build your knowledge base by storing notes containing content from different sources (books, articles, blogs, podcasts, videos etc.) & your personal notes containing your own knowledge, ideas & reflections on any topic
  • all of your notes are automatically organized (without any effort) in one place by tags you've added to them
  • you can format your notes with built-in markdown editor easily & fast (check the markdown guide linked in the app's nav menu)
  • your notes are easy to search & filter via tags search bar on the main page (you can also use ctrl-f search if you need)
  • you don't need folders, categories or labels to organize your notes, so there is no structure or hierarchy to manage (and strugle) with
  • you can add as many tags to your note/s, as you need (no limits)
  • you can add sources & authors to your notes (& automatically build your sources & authors base, which will be available in the future)
  • this app is not overloaded with crazy features & has simple user friendly interface
  • no more overthinking about how to organize or find your notes
  • you'll save a tone of time & mental resources you can use for creative activities, learning or developing projects

What you can do with linky_notes?

  • add, update & delete notes containing:
    • textual content,
    • links,
    • ordered, unordered and nested lists,
    • tables,
    • bold, italicized & strikethrough text and more
  • see when the note was added & updated (the app does it automatically, so you don't have to worry about it)
  • add, update & delete tag/s for/to each note,
  • add~~, update & delete~~ note's source containing:
    • the title of the source
    • the source's author
    • link
    • page/s number/s
    • place of publishing
    • year of publishing
  • filter notes by one or more tags you've added to your notes
  • navigate beetween searching sessions
  • check lists of all the
    • tags,
    • sources,
    • authors stored in the app ordered alphabetically, so you can be up to date with all topics you were interested and sources you've used
  • switch to light or dark mode to make your work more comfortable
  • download/ install this app on your device (this app is a PWA) through the browser

How efficiently use linky_notes?

Although the linky_notes app has only a few simple functionalities, it offers endless possibilities for organizing, searching and using your notes in the way, which is impossible to many other note apps around.

Those functionalities are:

  • adding one or more tags to each note,
  • the ability to filter your notes by one or more tags,
  • markdown editor, which enables links adding to your notes,
  • each note has its own link (URL).

The way you can organize & filter your notes using those features is very customizible. You can use my tips mentioned in my app guide or create your own system!

Motivation (problem I wanted to solve & solution)

I've made this app first of all for my own needs. I read a lot, create a lot (developing different knowledge-based projects) and... do a lot of notes:

  • using different techniques, like: mindmapping, sketchnoting, Cornell Note Taking method
  • noting on different materials, like: paper, books pages, phone, laptop
  • storing notes... everywhere



I couldn't manage & organize thousands of my paper & digital notes properly (I have developed my own system, but it's too far from what I need). So I've tried a few note apps, but none of them where satisfying - something always was missing.


I've understood, that I need to:

  • have all notes (paper & digital) in one place
  • organize them by tags, because my paper notes were in so many folders and places & also sometimes some notes were needed to be in a few project folders in the same time

So I've decided to build this note app & solved one of my biggest problems thanks to my own app. Now my notes are tagged, organized & easy to find/ filter.

And when I've tested the app, I've decided to share it with the world to let everybody to build an easy to use, but effiecient knowledge/ notes base! Sign up & try here:!

Technologies I've used in this project:

  • React 18.2
  • React Router 6.3
  • React Redux 8.0
  • Redux Toolkit 1.8
  • Firebase 9.1
    • Authentication
    • Realtime Database
  • React Bootstrap 2.4
  • Bootstrap 5.1
  • React Icons 4.4
  • Bootstrap Icons 1.6
  • React Markdown 8.0
  • GitHub Pages 3.2
  • PWA