React Firebase MUI Todo App

Manage your tasks & todo lists using this Installable Todo App built using React, Redux, React Router, MUI, Firebase & deployed with GitHub Pages

Tech Stack


React Router

Redux (Toolkit)



Todo App

About the app

This installable web app (SPA/PWA) enables you to create todo lists containing tasks & add, delete, update & check those tasks.

The app was built using React, Redux Toolkit, React Router, MUI, Firebase & deployed with GitHub Pages.

You can use the app in the browser or download it to your device. To use app in the browser, navigate to

How to download the app

You can download the app from the browser. If you're using Google Chrome, navigate to New “install” icon will appear on the url right-hand side. The install icon looks like an ‘install icon’ symbol inside a computer screen icon, usually to the left of the share this page icon. Install may be accessed by tapping or clicking the install icon.


  • User Authentication (user can create a free account and log in to use the app)
  • Adding, updating & deleting (CRUD) todo lists
  • Adding, updating & deleting (CRUD) tasks (todos) in particular lists
  • Dark/ light Mode switch
  • PWA (the app can be downloaded from the browser & installed on any device)

Tech Stack

  • React 18.2
  • React Context API
  • Firebase 9.8
    • Realtime Database
    • Authentication
  • Redux 4
    • Redux Toolkit 1.8
    • react-redux package
  • React Router 6.3
  • MUI 5.8
  • GitHub Pages 4.0


The app was initially generated from my vadimgierko/react-redux-router-firebase-auth-rtdb-crud-mui-app template & was expanded afterwards (the state management system was rewritten from scratch basically).