Mind Maps App

Simple and intuitive app for mind mapping. Create & edit a mind map with keywords in any place in canvas, save a mind map as a project and/or download it as a PNG file.

Tech Stack

JavaScript (ES6+)





Mind Maps App is a very simple, intuitive and easy to use application for online mindmapping.

With this app you can:

  • create & edit a mind map with keywords in any place around the core keyword/s (you can build really impressive multi-level structure of nested keywords)
  • save a mind map as a project (for future edition) in your user's database
  • and/or download your mind map as a PNG file with one click!

This app allows you to put keywords in any place inside canvas (not like in other mindmapping apps), what means that you are totally free and not limited by a default structure!

The possibility of downloading the mind map as a PNG file means, that you can put it into your presentation, blog post or any document & print it of course.

Wanna try Mind Maps App?

Click this link => https://vadimgierko.github.io/MIND-MAP-APP/


I love mindmapping and use it everyday.

Usually I do mindmapping on a paper and prefer this method. I've tried a few apps for mindmapping, but wasn't satisfied... So I decided to build my own app :-)

Mind maps are very powerfull tool for your mind. The basic idea of mind maps is to distract keywords from the information you are reading or listening and put them into mind map. You can use it while studying, learning, creating, planning, reading etc and do that thing much better and get better results with mind maps.

Heard of mindmapping? If not, visit this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map


  • JavaScript + jQuery
  • p5.js library (the mind map area is under the p5 control & this is a kingdom of pixels ;-) PS. no HTML Canvas was used
  • Bootstrap
  • Firebase (for users authorization & storing users mind maps in database)